Hi, I’m Lauri Asbury, and I understand the responsibility that comes with representing my community and that is why I am running for the 55th Assembly District.

Once the immediate health care threat of COVID-19 passes, we will need strong leadership to move our community forward by enacting legislation that supports businesses, promotes economic development, and creates a nimble and well-trained workforce.

At my heart, I am a conservative who believes in fiscal responsibility and high-quality education for all Wisconsin students that strengthens school safety and security with a focus on mental health. As a twice-elected Board Member of the Neenah Joint School District, Treasurer and Legislative Committee Chair, I have gained important knowledge and experience at the state and local level in working collaboratively to get things done in a fiscally responsible manner for our students, staff and community.

Through strength and resilience, we will emerge from this crisis together better than ever.  Our elected officials will need to respond with resolve and determination to positively shape our community, state, and nation going forward. This election may be the most consequential in our lifetime and I am prepared to rise to the challenge on your behalf.

It would be a great honor and privilege to serve you in our proud 55th Assembly District in Madison. Thank you in advance for your support, together we will be Wisconsin Strong!


It has and continues to be difficult times for small business owners in the current pandemic. It’s time to rally together and support one another! Together we can move small businesses forward and find safe, effective ways to get people back to work and providing for their families.

That’s why I propose a Safer Small Business Tax Deduction, creating an Office of Business Recovery within the WEDC, expansion of the Main Street Program to all cities and towns, and leveraging the Technical College and UW System to train and retain our workforce. Let’s get Wisconsin back to business!

Please consider making a donation to my campaign so that I can continue to be a champion for small business as I serve the 55th Assembly District at our state’s capitol.


We will overcome this crisis with strong leadership and by working together. We Wisconsinites are an amazing, resilient, and caring group. We rise to the occasion and hit challenges head on with positive, can-do attitudes. We are pragmatic and use a common sense approach to make good things happen for our communities. We must take things a day at a time and remember we’re all in this together. We may not be able to control this situation, but we can control how we respond to it. We will move forward through strong local leadership and by working together to be Fox Cities Strong.


Vibrant, thriving communities attract families and successful businesses to our area, creating strong growth for the future. In Madison, I will continue to move our communities forward through strong leadership by enacting legislation that supports strong workforce and economic development, conservative fiscal responsibility, high quality education for all Wisconsin students, and that strengthens school safety and security with a focus on mental health. I have the skills necessary to effectively support our families and communities for a successful recovery from this crisis.


During my tenure as a school board member and as a leader in the state, the Neenah Joint School District has implemented cutting edge programs including; 1-to-1 devices and a high capacity technology infrastructure to support secure digital learning opportunities for all our students; incorporating real world experiences for our students with internships, industry credentialing, offering dual-credit classes where students earn both high school and college credits simultaneously; and by offering a variety of Advanced Placement courses to give all our students access to demanding college level experiences to gain college credits and prepare our post-secondary students for the rigor they will experience.


Mental health and school safety issues are the most critical issues facing our students in today’s world. During my time as a Neenah school board member I have supported advances in our mental health programming including establishing one of the first K-12 Mental Health Coordinators in the state, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) training for our staff, addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) so our kids are able to be successful in school, anti-bullying curriculum expansion enhancing relationships and school safety, and by making peer-mentor suicide prevention programs like Sources-of-Strength available to our students.

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