College & Career Ready – Preparing for a Brighter Future

My extensive experience in education has shown me the importance of providing our secondary students with real world opportunities including internships, dual-credit high school and college credit courses, and industry credentials. Through supportive relationships with business and industry, we can partner to provide the career and college readiness skills that students need to be successful. In Madison, I will work to deepen the relationships between education, business, and industry to make sure that all our students have access to these essential opportunities.

The Fox Cities area is blessed to have one of the best technical colleges in the nation. Fox Valley Technical College is a jewel in the education crown of the Fox Valley area . It’s imperative that we continue to support successful institutions that help to train, educate and provide job opportunities to our all our community members. Skilled trades, aluminum welding, app development, accounting, auto mechanics are just some of the opportunities that match with our local industry and business needs. As a leader in education, I will ensure that we continue to support and benefit from this excellent institution.

My nephew is employed with a company that produces diesel trucks and tractor trailers. To find employees with the skills they need, they have created a program to work with the technical college to pay for training for the diesel engine techs to work with mechanics on the diesel engines they produce. This is a great example of the deeper relationships that need to be formed between our business and industry leaders and our education system.

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