Fiscal Accountability/Economic Recovery

As a fiscally responsible conservative, I will work to bring strong budget oversight as we emerge from this economic crisis, better overall accountability, and a clearly focused state government by innovating and adapting to the new economic normal, and by being business, industry, and education focused. My underlying principals as a Republican are less government, more local control, making our government accountable and efficient, and most importantly, ensuring that individuals keep more of their hard earned dollars through economic development, workforce development, tax reform and relief.

As the Treasurer on the Neenah School Board, I have helped to eliminate a $100 million dollar obligation while helping oversee a $90+ million district budget. Additionally, I have supported maximizing state funding formulas to offer property tax relief to our community members. Responsible fiscal stewardship has allowed the Neenah Joint School district to be one of the few in the state without capital debt allowing us to make prudent financial and educational decisions. Previous to my election to the school board I was appointed as a community volunteer to the Budget Oversight Committee for the school district.

 With the economic impact of the coronavirus, I will advocate on your behalf in Madison to make sure fiscally responsible planning and policy are reviewed and implemented to support our rapid economic recovery. It will be imperative that we have the right policy in place to ensure functional responsive government in times of emergency, including adequate planning and preparedness, and strong legislation that allows continuity of state government and local leadership. I will work to support business and industry by reevaluating supply chain practices, ensuring strong infrastructure is in place including access to technology and broadband expansion, that transportation and logistics are fully functioning, and by putting plans in place that get people in our communities back to work successfully and safely.

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