Fox Cities Strong in the Face of COVID-19

We will overcome this crisis with strong leadership and by working together. We Wisconsinites are an amazing, resilient, and caring group. We rise to the occasion and hit challenges head on with positive, can-do attitudes. We are pragmatic and use a common sense approach to make good things happen for our communities. We must take things a day at a time and remember we’re all in this together. We may not be able to control this situation, but we can control how we respond to it. We will move forward through strong local leadership and by working together to be Fox Cities Strong.

In times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, our communities deserve capable, forward thinking leadership from our government that I can provide. We must have the courage and strength to forever change the way we do things on many levels to succeed in this dynamic new normal. I feel strongly that the key to recovery rests solidly in the hands of local, state, and community leaders taking decisive actions. My commitment to you in Madison is to thoroughly review this crisis and make important changes in policy through effective legislation that protects and invests in communities, business and education.

  • Emergency preparedness and procedure, how do we function in a state of emergency
  • Local control and leadership
  • Remote government operations, continuity of government, remote voting access
  • Post Coronavirus economic recovery
  • Low cost loans to business and industry to make payroll, streamlined unemployment benefits
  • Expanded access to broadband for all our residents
  • Prevention of supply chain disruption for goods and services
  • Creation of virtual open meeting platforms & policy under state of emergency
  • Expand tele-health and tele-counseling, ensure insurance reimbursement
  • Continuity of learning for all our schools, colleges and tech colleges digitally including broadband, access to devices, and capacity
  • Leverage our resources in higher-education and industry for research and solutions
  • No-touch purchasing expansion
  • Epidemic/Pandemic policy, preparation, and planning review

As a leader in Madison, I will advocate for the formation of a bi-partisan committee and to take immediate action. We need to have strategic and manageable pandemic planning through critical thinking and discussion so that we are prepared with the necessary supplies and policy to protect our community members, healthcare workers, and all who depend on being at work for a paycheck.

We must respond to changes in economic development and a shifting employment landscape to ensure our community members can be successful and thrive through understanding where the new jobs are, then developing deep partnerships with business, industry, secondary education, tech schools & colleges for training and certification.

We need to work collaboratively with our industry and businesses to pre-empt supply chain disruptions so that critical items such as food items, hand sanitizer, medical masks and equipment, and even toilet paper are readily available.

We also need to work collaboratively with our health care industry to insure that our hospitals and clinics have the necessary planning, policy and critical supplies in place to serve our community safely and effectively and outlast an epidemic. We need to alter the way we do business, the health care industry must be able to separate sick patients from those that are well and not cross contaminate with staff or patients.

Broadband access is critical to the continuity of education, and for business, industry and government to be able to function in the digital realm. As we have done in the Neenah Joint School District, we need to have the policy, capability, platforms, and capacity in place to support operation in a secure digital environment. This includes access for our rural areas and school age children in an academic setting, and for government to have the ability for remote operation via teleconferencing in times when a state of emergency is declared.

My promise to you is to use my problem solving expertise and collaborative experience to tackle these tough issues and get our communities healthy and moving forward.

Responding to this coronavirus has again brought out the best of our humanity as we band together to care for each other and do the right thing for all even though it involves a great deal of personal sacrifice. Together we will remain Fox Cities Strong!

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