Importance of Workforce Development,
especially in times of Crisis

Innovative and adaptive workforce development will play a crucial role in this changing environment during our economic recovery from the impact of the coronavirus. I stand committed to the development of a high quality workforce that has industry, secondary, and post-secondary education, including technical colleges and universities, all working together in collaboration. This partnership must continue and be enhanced during this crucial time. Business and industry must have a voice in developing programs for skill development and education so initiatives have a direct correlation to the needs of our students and communities.

A adaptive, highly trained and quality workforce will support the changing landscape in business, industry and our community as we emerge from the measures to defeat this pandemic. Ultimately, a high quality workforce will also attract business and industry to the Fox Cities to encourage recovery and growth for our communities. Now more than ever innovation, education, and training will play a crucial role for our residents.

In this brave new world, we must respond to changes in economic development and a shifting employment landscape to ensure our community members can be successful and thrive through understanding where the new jobs are, then developing partnerships with business, industry, secondary education, tech schools & colleges for training, certification, and access.

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