School Safety

As a Neenah school board member, I am committed to school safety and very aware of the impacts of threats of violence on school security and district budgets. During the last four years, I have helped to oversee the implementation of school safety and security policy and procedure as our schools deal with handling ever increasing threats of violence. This includes both physical additions like secure, segmented entryways, cameras and window film, to oversight and implementation of the school District Emergency Operations Plan (DEOP) in conjunction with local law enforcement, first responders, and municipal governments. In Madison, I will work with the Office of School Safety to collaborate on best practice and advocate for continued support for school safety for all districts in the state.

Additionally, I understand that mental health is an important component to school safety. In Madison, I will continue to advocate for more mental health funding for our schools so students can be more productive and successful. I will also continue to work toward making our schools safe and secure by implementing 21st century technology, mental health programs, anti-bullying programs, and staff training. As a Neenah school board member I have supported  district efforts to be first in the state to make a commitment to the mental health and wellness of our students as I understand the impact on school safety.

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